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Overall H: 37.8 cm, W: 44.8 cm, D: 35.3 cm
On Display
Web Description: 
Over the past 20 years, Richard Meitner has steadfastly used the blown glass vessel as the basis of his sculpture. Here the subtly altered cylindrical form appears fluid and light, as it is delicately anchored by the inexplicable chained carrot shape. Like much of the artist's work, Wisdom is elegant, ghostly, and somewhat mystifying. As Meitner stated in 1984, "What I am attempting to stress and to manifest in my work is more the ambiguity than the meaning." An American citizen, Richard Meitner has lived in Amsterdam since the mid-1970s. He is a professor at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, and he has also worked as a designer for the glass manufacturers Royal Leerdam Crystal and Val-Saint-Lambert.
Braggiotti Gallery, Source
R. Meitner '94
base of pontil
Primary Description: 
Colorless, opaque black (appearing) glasses, opaque orange enamel; blown, tooled, acid-etched (vessel), flameworked (chain and carrot), enameled (carrot), iridized (hook). (a) Tall cylindrical vessel tapering in towards lipless opening that has been distorted to form a tear-drop shape, overall surface etching producing frosted appearance that fades to colorless near base; near opening is an applied dark (appearing opaque black with iridization) tapered and pointed hook with shallow curve extending out at almost right angle to vessel wall, below hook at mid-section on one side only, the wall has been tooled to form a crease, lower half of wall bulges out near base, slightly concave base with unfrosted finish, rough pontil; (b) blown object with elongated softly-pointed end, small hole with raised edge near tip of curved broad end, overall orange enameling producing opaque matte surface, attached with a small patty at broad end is a tear-drop shaped loop of colorless that is connected to eleven lozenge shaped links, end link hangs from hook; (a) inscribed in script around pontil: "R. Meitner '94".
Masters of Studio Glass: Richard Craig Meitner
Museum of Glass 2010-07-17 through 2011-06-19
Corning Museum of Glass
West Bridge Exhibit
Mieke Groot and Richard Meitner
Braggiotti Gallery 1994-12-03 through 1995-01-22
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