Glass Sticks (543)

Glass Sticks by Jun Kaneko
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Jun Kaneko (Japanese, b. 1942)
United States, Portland, Oregon
Kiln-formed glass, cut, assembled
H: 200 cm, W: 106.6 cm, D: 106.6 cm

Although his primary material is clay, the sculptor Jun Kaneko was invited in 1998 to do an artist residency at Bullseye Glass Company in Oregon. It was during this residency that Glass Sticks was conceived; the work was completed in 2001.

Glass Sticks is a study in material, and the most distinctive quality of this material—glass—is its transparency. Unlike ceramics, which are often opaque and solid, glass allows color and light to pass through its mass. This sculpture is formed of 104 stacked glass bars, 26 on each side. Each bar consists of up to 10 layers of colorless and red glass that were fused in several firings. After cooling, the bars were cut, ground, and polished. The colored layers of glass are on the bottom, fading to transparent at the top.

Gift of the Ennion Society and funds provided by Laura Houghton, James R. and Maisie Houghton, and the Glass Acquisitions and Exhibitions Fund.