Grecian Urn (575)

Grecian Urn by Karla Trinkley
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Karla Trinkley (American, b. 1956)
United States, Boyertown, Pennsylvania
Cast glass (pâte de verre)
H: 104.9 cm, W: 57 cm, D: 15.4 cm

The architectonic shapes, fragile granular textures, and rough edges of Karla Trinkley’s pâte de verre vessels give the impression of great age. Her work is inspired by ancient ruins, by the Roman glass vessels that are known as cage cups, and by patterns found in the art of ancient and indigenous cultures.

Trinkley’s cast glass objects are technically complex and labor-intensive. This neck amphora—an ancient Greek vase form with two handles attached at the neck—is one of the largest vessels she has made. Although it references the ancient past of glass, its design and its size are clearly contemporary. Traces of white plaster and other mold-making material are evident on the rough, sugary surface of the vessel, which is characteristic of pâte de verre casting.