Mt. Washington and Pairpoint: “Puffy” Table Lamp

“Puffy” Table Lamp by Pairpoint Corporation

Pairpoint Corporation
United States, New Bedford, MA
Lead glass, bronze; mold-blown, enameled
H: 53.6 cm; (a) H: 44.2 cm, D: 26.2 cm; (b) H: 15.5 cm, D: 32 cm

After 1900, the Pairpoint Corporation greatly increased their production of lamps, most of which were electric after 1902. The elaborate metal bases were made at the original Pairpoint factory and the reverse-painted shades were made and decorated in the glasshouse. The floral shades were mold blown to imitate the shapes of flowers or fruit and then enameled on the interior surface. They were in production for more than 20 years and were extremely popular.

Gift of The New Bedford Glass Society Inc.