Red/Amber Sliced Descending Form (557)

Red/Amber Sliced Descending Form by Harvey K. Littleton
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Harvey K. Littleton (American, b. 1922)
United States, Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Cased and hot-worked glass, cut
H: 37.2 cm, W: 44 cm, D: 11.3 cm

Harvey Littleton, who founded the American Studio Glass movement with the glass research scientist Dominick Labino, was born and raised in Corning. A pioneer in the use of glass as a material for sculpture, Littleton was a ceramist before he turned his attention to glassblowing.

During the 1980s, Littleton created new forms for glass sculpture by casing layers of glass tinted with different colors. The sense of arrested movement is characteristic of his sculptures of this period, as is the way in which the colors are multiplied and magnified inside the glass.

Gift of the Ben W. Heineman Sr. Family.