Still Life with Two Plums (503)

Still Life with Two Plums by Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick
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Flora C. Mace (American, b. 1949) and
Joey Kirkpatrick (American, b. 1952)
United States, Seattle, Washington
Blown glass; carved and painted alderwood bowl
H: 69.5 cm, Bowl Diam: 116.7 cm

Joey Kirkpatrick, a painter, and Flora Mace, a sculptor, share a passion for glassblowing, and they have spent more than 30 years creating vessels and sculpture in wood and glass.

The fruits in this still life include a pear, a green or unripe apple, an Italian prune plum, a lemon, a tangelo, a red apple, a greengage plum, and a peach. The technique used by the artists to make the glass fruits is unique. As in painting, they build layers of color on their glass forms by sifting colored glass powders onto the hot glass during the blowing process. This enables them to create realistic colors and textures.

Gift in part of the artists.