Untitled (571)

Untitled by Nicolas Africano
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Nicolas Africano (American, b. 1948)
With the assistance of Melanie Hunter
United States, Normal, Illinois
Cast glass
H: 65 cm, W: 33.8 cm, D: 21.5 cm

Nicolas Africano is a painter who began to make glass sculptures in the 1980s. All of his sculptures are based on studies of his wife, Rebecca. He sculpts his wax models of her and the models are then cast in glass by his assistant, Melanie Hunter.

Here, the female figure, half-dressed, reveals herself to us in her partial nudity, but her emotions are hidden, cloaked perhaps by the yards of fabric that form her full skirt. She is not positioned squarely in the center of her base, but appears, perhaps a little hesitantly, at one end. Her stance is somewhat defensive, and she seems about to move away, yet something draws her to stay within the viewer’s gaze.

Gift of Lani McGregor and Daniel Schwoerer.