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Biography: Aaron Pexa

Aaron Pexa
Aaron Pexa

Aaron Pexa is an artist who earned his MFA in glass from Rhode Island School of Design in 2014. His work spans multiple mediums, from video and installation to sculpture and performance, and his goal is always to create a sense of bewilderment. He takes everyday environments and subverts them by introducing new artifacts and narratives that stimulate wonder and “bring people out of the pull of predictability,” he says.

For his residency in September and October 2018, Pexa incorporated the old English idea of “werifesteria,” which means to wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery. At the center of his project he created a stop-motion animation featuring glass dioramas and other glass elements created using kiln casting, sand casting, hot sculpting, and pâte de verre.

“Composing a fully considered experience engages the viewer on a variety of sensory levels and heightens the experience of viewing the video,” Pexa said.