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Biography: Allison Kapner

Allison Kapner
Allison Kapner

Allison is a 2nd generation native Floridian, and is an attorney specializing in family law. She has practiced law with her father for the past 15 years, and recently joined the law firm of Ward Damon, where she is a partner.

Allison's love for vintage glassware/dishes started to bloom when she thrifted her first Snowflake Garland mixing bowls. Allison voraciously dove into collecting vintage Pyrex from that moment on, as well as reading up on Pyrex, it's history, and how it evolved over the years.

The combination of the science of how Pyrex works, with evolution of Pyrex designs, and the stories that were created once the dishes were in consumers' homes is fascinating to Allison.

Some of Allison's rare and hard to find pieces are featured in the book Hot For Pyrex Guide to Rare and Hard to Find Vintage Pyrex (McGrady, 2014). Some of her favorite pieces are displayed in a cabinet that belonged to her mother. She has even decorated her office with some of her Pyrex and vintage dishes collection. You can follow Allison's Pyrex hunting adventures, Pyrex cooking and serving photos, as well as see displays of her collection on Instagram at @AllisonKapnerOriginals.