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Biography: Alok Kumar Kanungo

Alok Kumar Kanungo

Dr. Alok Kumar Kanungo is a recipient of the 2021 Rakow Grant for Glass Research for the project “Mapping Kapadvanj Glass: the Last Surviving Traditional Tank Furnace in India.” A last surviving workshop at Kapadvanj (Gujarat, India) uniquely continues to operate a combined glass-making and working tank furnace. Here craftsmen still produce the distinctive convex, hot lead coated mirrors that were profuse until a few centuries ago. This project will conduct a detailed spatial, material and taphonomic documentation and analysis of this invaluable site that preserves both a unique kind of furnace and the production of an understudied artifact type. Through this the project aims to archaeologically investigate the material distinctiveness and history of the celebrated glass works at Kapadvanj. Alok Kumar Kanungo is Assistant Research Professor at IIT Gandhinagar.