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Biography: Anastasia Cholakova

Anastasia Cholakova

Dr. Anastasia Cholakova is a recipient of the 2021 Rakow Grant for Glass Research for the project “Medieval glass beads (8th – 11th c. AD) from the Mesta and Struma Rivers region, SW Bulgaria.” Cholakova will characterize the bead assemblages excavated at four medieval necropoleis in present-day SW Bulgaria. The sites are situated in the region of Mesta and Struma Rivers in Southern Balkans, and the beads found there have not been properly described and published. The study will include detailed documentation of the materials; morpho-typological and, when possible, a clearer chronological outline of the bead assemblages; analyses of the chemical glass compositions by means of LA-ICPMS technique; and interpretation of the results in the aspects of scientific, archaeological and anthropological oriented research. Cholakova is Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.