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Biography: Anna Boothe

Anna Boothe
Anna Boothe

Anna Boothe has been working with glass for more than 30 years. She is “curious about the relationships between our internal reactions and external projections, and ultimately, how we communicate with each other on conscious and subconscious levels.” She has taught at glassmaking programs around the world and helped establish the Glass Art Degree Program at Salem Community College, in addition to serving on the Glass Art Society’s Board of Directors. Her work is featured in the Museum’s collections and has been exhibited in The Museum of American Glass, the Leo Kaplan Modern, the Bullseye Gallery, and Aptos Cruz Galleries in Australia.

In her September 2012 Instructor Collaborative Residency at The Studio, Boothe worked alongside Nancy Cohen (whom she met in 2002 when Cohen commissioned Boothe to fabricate one of her sculptures, Wheel Chair, in cast glass), to create a wall installation piece inspired by in14th-19th century Tibetan Buddhist Thangka paintings. Both artists chose symbols and translated them into three-dimensional forms, creating a visual reinterpretation of these paintings.