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Biography: Anne Vibeke Mou

Anne Vibeke Mou (photo by John Kippin)
Anne Vibeke Mou

Originally from Denmark, artist and engraver Anne Vibeke Mou has been studying and working in the United Kingdom for almost 20 years. Her interests lie predominantly in the connections between glass and environment, object and place, and the medieval history of both regions has helped to shape her work in rich and revealing ways.

Mou practices a meticulous stippling process (engraving a surface with numerous small dots) using a handheld solitaire diamond tool. Mou is excited to access the Rakow Research Library’s resources to further her research into waldglas and historical sites of relevance. During her residency in March and April 2018, Mou will produce a series of delicate objects “containing traces of organic material from carefully chosen locations,” she says. “The objects will become ornamental records of transformation as well as relics of place.”

Mou has exhibited internationally at museums in England, Austria, the Czech Republic, and the Upernavik Museum in Greenland, the world’s northernmost open-air museum. In 2016, Mou was commissioned to produce a series of 16 marbled window panels for Shandy Hall, the historic home of English author Laurence Sterne.