Biography: Annette Sheppard

Annette Sheppard

Annette Sheppard focuses the majority of her glassblowing time on sculpting glass. She goes into each hot glass project with an expectation of the outcome, working backwards to configure each part of the work before she starts. “If we let the glass do what it wants to do and let it become what it wants to be, it wants to be a little puddle on the floor,” said Sheppard. “You have to basically be able to deconstruct that shape or that object or that sculpture and work it into different pieces.”

Sheppard first studied glassmaking at The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass while earning her BS in Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University. Upon graduation, Sheppard studied with world-renowned glass artists teaching at The Studio, including Pino Signoretto, Shin-ichi, and Kimiake Higuchi. She worked and traveled with the Hot Glass Roadshow of The Corning Museum of Glass for many years, including managing demonstrations as a team leader for the Museum’s Hot Glass at Sea program. She has since earned an MBA from Duke University and works in marketing in the San Francisco area.

In 2019, she was featured as a contestant on Blown Away, an art glass competition show created by Marblemedia.