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Biography: Barbara Idzikowska

Barbara Idzikowska
Barbara Idzikowska

Barbara Idzikowska has been fascinated by glass for over twenty years. Living and working in Wrocław, Poland, she seeks to give ideas material form through her work in glass. In 2004, she established Atelier Si, Pb…, a studio of %%drawing%% on glass, with the graphic designer Eugeniusz Get Stankiewicz. Idzikowska has presented solo exhibitions since 1991, including the most recent Laundry and Laundress at the Muzeum Karkonoskie in Jelenia Góra, Poland, in 2012. Her work has been included in New Glass Review 19, 18, and 15.

At Atelier Si, Pb…, she sought to find new approaches for glass art in architecture. Projects include the installation for the Town Hall in Wrocław and The Dürers of the Lubomirski Princes, a monumental %%drawing%% in glass installed as a window at the Ossoliński National Institution in Wrocław.

Idzikowska came to The Studio in October 2013 as part of the joint Artists-in-Residence partnership with the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, WI. During her residency, she explored the “symbolic, formal, and technological relationships between %%drawing%% and glass, space, architecture.” “I have experimented with various techniques and made my own technological discoveries,”says Idzikowska. “Clarity and simplicity have been my guiding concerns.”