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Biography: Benjamin Cobb

Benjamin Cobb - Photo Credit Ken Emly
Benjamin Cobb

Benjamin Cobb first started working with glass in his hometown of Newport, Rhode Island. In 1997, he attended the School for American Crafts at the Rochester Institute of Technology. While working on his BFA, he continued his education with glassmaking classes at The Studio.

Cobb worked at multiple studios in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Seattle. He has also worked at Haystack Mountain School for Crafts, The Studio, and at Pilchuck Glass School. Currently, he works at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Wash., where he is a designer and the lead glassblower in the museums’ hot glass studio. Cobb’s work is represented by Vetri International and the William Traver Gallery in Seattle.

“I love to work with my hands. I started working with glass as a teenager, and have been at it ever since,” says Cobb. “Glass is a material that can be both transparent and opaque. I find this intriguing, and aim to use these distinct properties when creating work. I have always been intrigued by science; this is where I pull my interest and inspiration. Natural forms, biology, and botany—from cellular forms to shapes and proportions of people—all of these things inspire what I make. I focus on creating unique objects that are abstract, modern interpretations of natural forms.”