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Biography: Daniel Adams

Daniel Adams

Originally trained in anthropology, Daniel Adams is intrigued with the history of glass and the use of beads in the world’s various cultures. Warring States beads were his initial inspiration, but he has translated tribal design, contemporary design and natural history into his beads. He often collaborates with his wife, Cynthia Toops, and other artists.

Adams earned his BA in anthropology from the University of Washington, Seattle, in 1988; a degree from Pratt Fine Arts, Seattle, in 1990; and AAAS in histotechnology from Shoreline Community College, Seattle, in 1994. He works full time at a laboratory, making glass beads and jewelry at night and weekends.

He has been featured in numerous publications, including Masters of Glass Beads by Lark Books. His work is in museum collections at the Tacoma Art Museum, Wash.; Boston Museum of Fine Art; New York Museum of Art and Design, N.Y.; Philadelphia Museum of Art; Kobe Lampwork Museum, Japan; and the Contemporary Craft Museum, Portland, Ore.