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Biography: David J. Govantes-Edwards

David J. Govantes-Edwards

The production, circulation, and consumption of glass in the Iberian Peninsula during the Visi­gothic period (fifth to seventh centuries) is the subject of David J. Govantes-Edwards's research proj­ect. He intends to examine primary archaeological evidence and the chemical composition of about 95 samples.

"The main questions ... [are] how the glass was imported and distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula, including the interaction of the Visigothic kingdom and the Byzantine province of Spania, the possible symbolic value of glass for the Visigothic crown, and the possible role of the Suebi kingdom in the northwest in the distribution of eastern glass throughout Atlantic Europe in the fifth and sixth centuries," he says.

In addition to surveying the existing literature on the subject, he intends to use "grey literature," including excavation reports that are difficult to access. He plans to publish the results of his re­search in two articles in scholarly journals.

Govantes-Edwards is a Ph.D. candidate in history and archaeology at the University of Cór­doba in Spain. He serves as coordinator and field archaeologist for research projects on the Alham­bra royal workshops and Madinat al-Zahra, and as local liaison officer and translator of documents for the Rapa Nui Landscapes of Construction project on Easter Island.