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Biography: Dianne M. Williams

Dianne M. Williams
Dianne M. Williams

Following a thirty-two year career in education, as a teacher and a librarian, Dianne’s interest turned to collecting Pyrex® Ware in 2004 during trips with her son (Pyrex photographer and collaborator) looking for “antique glassware.”  She became intrigued by the many recognizable pieces and patterns of Pyrex® Ware, collecting, researching and writing a complete and comprehensive collector’s resource book. Dianne’s personal collection grew to over a thousand pieces of Pyrex® Ware dating from 1915 through 1983, including Transparent Ovenware, Flameware®, Opal Ware (decorated and plain), accessories and hundreds of pieces of print ephemera, including catalogs and original magazine advertisements from nearly every year from 1915 – 1983.

Conversations with The Corning Museum of Glass led to the final chapter in Dianne’s Pyrex story. By 2011, the collection and research/reference materials were on their way to Corning, New York and into the Museum and the Rakow Research Library collections.