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Biography: Dr. Susan Young

Dr. Susan Young

Dr. Susan Young, an archaeologist and art historian, catalogued and studied glass from the excavation of the medieval castle of Saranda Kolones (about 1196–1222) in Paphos, Cyprus. Director of the Canadian Archaeological Institute at Athens, she received degrees from Pennsyl­vania State University and Sir George Williams University in Montreal.

Her research was conducted at the Paphos District Museum. The glass falls into four categories: vessel fragments from the Hellenistic and Roman occupation; objects related to the important discovery of a pre-­castle glass factory dated, on ceramic evidence, to the late eighth and early ninth centuries; luxury gilded and enameled Byzantine vessels; and mate­rial from the Frankish occupation, which was halted by an earthquake in 1222.

“The importance of the Saranda Kolones glass is surely without question,” Dr. Young wrote in her application for the Rakow Grant. “Vessels from the glasshouse allow a glimpse of what was being pro­duced in Cyprus during that shadowy time of the Arab occupation. In general, this period seems to have been less thoroughly explored ... than the early Byzantine centuries.”