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Biography: Elinor Portnoy

Elinor Portnoy
Elinor Portnoy

Elinor Portnoy’s work examines the fluidness of material. She designs processes that demonstrate the natural settling of matter, playing with the fine balance of disciplined and accidental results. In attempt to capture the liquidity of glass, she pours molten glass on top of metal structures, finding that metal conducts heat in a way that best captures the qualities of the process.

After earning her Bachelor of Arts in design at Holon Institute of Technology in Israel in 2010, she worked as the head designer at Ototo, a design studio in Tel Aviv. Born in Israel, Portnoy is now working toward her Master of Arts degree in the ceramics and glass program at the Royal College of Art in London. She has exhibited glass across Europe and in the U.S.

During her October 2017 residency at The Studio, which was in collaboration with the Kohler Arts Center, she explored this line of work further. First, she fabricated cast iron molds according to pre-design 3-D molds, then she brought them to Corning and poured hot glass over them.

“I will get interesting objects with various potential functions,” Portnoy says. “These may play on the translucidity of glass and its optic possibilities. My objects straddle the fine balance between design and art, capturing the movement of the material in still objects, and aspiring to portray all the unique capabilities of glass.”