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Biography: Eric Rubinstein

Eric Rubinstein

Eric Rubinstein is fascinated by the inherent properties and characteristics of glass: the variations and combinations of colors allow infinite possibilities. The ability to permanently suspend imagery and objects within the walls of a vessel is magical. The transmission of light and the nuances of shading and shadows can create depth and dimension unattainable in any other medium.

Rubinstein used his 2005 residency at The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass to work on seascape and landscape vessels that display abstract imagery evocative of undersea landscapes. They are composed of elements which he created by heating and manipulating colored glass into strands and coils, and further developed over several generations by bundling, recombining, and cutting them into cross-sections. Constrained by his own equipment, Rubinstein was enthusiastic about the opportunity to create his vessels with more detail and impact. These works continue to evolve.

During his artistic career, Rubinstein has been actively involved with UrbanGlass, both as an instructor and member of the Board of Directors. This Niche Award Winner has had work displayed in exhibitions in Stockholm, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas.