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Biography: François Arnaud

François Arnaud
François Arnaud

With more than 20 years of glassblowing experience, François Arnaud’s work is inspired by ancient glassmaking techniques. He is also inspired by dance and the movements of the body, and portrays it in his work. “I have always been fascinated with the richness and the complexity of physical, chemical, electrical, mental, and neuronal mechanisms that count to make us move and allow us to evolve in our environment in order to interact with it,” said Arnaud.

In 2014, he began studying bodily and mental well-being, improved movement, and enhanced human functioning. He enjoys learning about muscles, bones, and fibrous tissue, and has explored these subjects in glass.

In November 2017, he held a residency at The Studio, during which time he further developed his work related to the human body. He also explored the idea of instability and asymmetry in the body, and how it contrasts with utilitarian glass objects.

Arnaud currently manages his workshop, Atelier PiVerre – Souffleur de verre in France, with public workshops focused around experimental archaeology research. He has taken classes and participated in exhibitions around the world, and has participated in archaeological experimentation on Roman wood-fired furnaces in Germany and Belgium.