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Biography: Frances Federer

Frances Federer
Frances Federer

Frances Federer began her studies at Camberwell School of Art at 16, graduating five years later with a degree in book illustration. Later, in partnership with Peter Binnington, a painter and fine craftsman, she opened a business in London restoring antique furniture. Federer developed the gilding department and in due course began to replace broken gilded and painted glass panels from 18th and 19th century pier glasses and overmantels.

Her investigation into the original techniques and the experience of reproduction was used to create new work. Interior designers commissioned glass panels for contemporary settings and she produced her own, individually-framed works on glass. She ran short courses and continues to teach internationally.

Federer began what was to be a long study of the subject. She continued her research at the Royal College of Art, London, gained a Master of Philosophy on Glass, Gold and the Image and has now published her book, Gold Leaf, Paint & Glass, together with a DVD, on the history and techniques of gilding on glass.

Federer is now engaged in developing a new line of jewelery using, once again, these age-old methods.

Watch the trailer for Federer's Making a Mirror with Gold and Silver Leaf.