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Biography: Fred Kahl

Fred Kahl (photo by Ryan Lash)
Fred Kahl

Fred Kahl, or ‘The Great Fredini’ as he is known, is a New York City-based artist (and magician) who has spent several years pioneering techniques in 3-D scanning and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) carving.

Working at the intersection of art, entertainment, and science, Kahl explores ways to combine new technologies with more traditional glassmaking processes, to invoke awe and wonder in the audiences he engages. “CNC carving graphite molds for glass casting appeals to me because the immediacy of this process leverages the magic of molten glass,” Kahl says. “It’s a perfect blend of the digital and physical.”

Kahl’s ambitions for his Studio residency held in April and May 2018 are the culmination of many years of work. Developing an idea he calls, “We are the Light,” an interactive combining the qualities of art and light, Kahl successfully achieved his residency goal;  “to execute a work that can only ever be made in glass.” Using a casting process, Kahl produces individual solid geometric forms that he connects together to create larger patterns that will “refract light and glow in subtly shifting colors responding to the environment,” he says.

Kahl has been an artist-in-residence at the Wheaton Arts Center, both a student and teacher at Pilchuck Glass School, and, most recently in 2017, a TED resident. He has exhibited work throughout New York, as well as California and Connecticut.