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Biography: G. Eason Eige

G. Eason Eige

G. Eason Eige, who retired as curator at the Andrews Pueblo Pottery & Art Gallery in Albuquerque, received this grant “to unravel the confusion and prejudice surrounding glass produced in Mexico by produc­ing a well-researched and richly illustrated book” that includes more than 1,500 significant objects from glass museums throughout that country. The book, he explained, “was an effort to reveal the histo­ry, craftsmanship, and diversity of Mexican glass.” It will trace the origin and development of glassmaking in Mexico from the late 18th through 20th centuries, emphasizing glass made in the 1900s.

“While actively collecting Mexican glass, I have found few scholarly reference books to guide me,” Eige said. “Those that exist are either too ob­scure or poorly written, and they were published in Spanish, sometimes accompanied by a partial English translation.”

Eige has collected more than 2,000 examples of Mexican glass, most of which were made between 1930 and 1970. In order to research and secure photographs of older, rarer glass, he visited glass museums, glassmakers, and glass collec­tions, including two private collections in Mexico City. He also plans to photograph glassmakers at work.

Eige was chief curator at the Huntington Museum of Art in Huntington, West Virginia, from 1976 to 1996. He is the author of A Century of Glassmaking in West Virginia (Huntington: Huntington Galleries, 1980), co-author of Blenko Glass, 1930–1953 (Marietta, Ohio: Antique Publications, 1987), and a contributor to Wheeling Glass, 1829–1939: Collection of the Oglebay Institute Glass Museum (Wheeling, West Virginia: the institute, 1994). Eige also served as editor of the Glass Club Bulletin, and he has lectured widely on glass-related topics.