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Biography: Geneviève Sennequier

Geneviève Sennequier

The 1992 Rakow Grant for Glass Research was awarded to Geneviève Sennequier, curator at the Musée des Antiquités in Rouen, France.

The grant was used to complete a doctoral dissertation on the Gallo-Roman glass of the Nor­mandy region of France. Sennequier’s research was based on approximately 800 objects from cem­eteries and other archaeological sites in Normandy. The purpose of the project was to document the pro­duction and use of glass in this region throughout the Roman period.

Sennequier has published numerous papers on the glass of the Roman era, and is the author of a catalog of the Roman glass in the Musée des Antiquités in Rouen. With the recipient of a previ­ous Rakow Award, Danièle Foy, Sennequier co-curated A travers le verre du Moyen-Age à la Renaissance, the very successful 1989 exhibition of medieval glass in France.