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Biography: Helen Millard

Helen Millard
Helen Millard

Cameo glass has been a highly-appreciated—and very complex—art form for centuries, but Helen Millard is putting her own twist on it. Based in the UK, Millard has a degree in glass from West Surrey College of Art and Design, and has enjoyed many apprenticeships in and around London. She discovered her passion for cameo glass while admiring an exhibit at The Broadfield House Glass Museum, noticing similarities between her work, and that of early cameo artists.

Today, Millard is thought to be one of the finest cameo glass engravers in the country, creating her own style with bold and stunning color combinations which showcase her fascination for and love of nature.

During a 2015 Instructor Collaborative Residency at The Studio with Allister Malcolm, the artists combined Malcolm's abstract style with Millard's classical approach. Both Stourbridge-area artists, Millard and Malcolm were excited to be able to step out of their comfort zones and work together, using glass “like a canvas” to create padded cameo glass, involving multiple overlays in a variety of colors. This technique was used briefly in Stourbridge, and both artists were excited to explore its potential.