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Biography: Helen Schell

Helen Schell in front of Solar Orbiter, Newbridge Studios 2017
Helen Schell

For 10 years, Helen Schell (based in Sunderland, U.K.) has worked on mixed media art projects inspired by space exploration and the phenomena of the cosmos. To do this, Schell collaborates with scientists to create installations and large optical illusion paintings. She started this work in 2007 while working toward her MA in Glass at Sunderland University in the northeast of England.

Ongoing space-themed art projects include Moon-shot: Woman on the Moon about new plans to build a lunar colony, Yellow Giant examines the science of the Sun, and The Human Spaceship asks what is it like to be human in space. Schell is an ESERO-UK Space Ambassador (ESA education) and devises specialist STEAM workshops for schools and public engagement in the U.K. and abroad.

In her October 2004 residency at the Museum, Schell explored the use of flat glass by making a carpet entirely from glass: walking on eggshells.