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Biography: Helen Tegeler

Helen Tegeler
Helen Tegeler

From growth patterns, developmental structures, and surface textures, Helen Tegeler feels there are infinite design possibilities when interpreting nature in glass. She loves exploring seeds in particular and the potential they hold for great change, searching for meaning in their transformation and making connections to the way we grow and set roots in our own lives. “With time, seeds transition from deceivingly simple forms to more sophisticated and complex organisms,” said Tegeler. “It is not my intent to copy nature, but rather pay homage to the unique and beautiful qualities of life.” She enjoys working with glass and mixed media together to explore the various transitions possible in both form and material.

Tegeler has an MFA from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and her work has been featured in exhibitions across the country, as well as in the Museum’s New Glass Review 32. She has taught at several academic institutions including Harrisburg Area Community College, Tyler School of Art, and the University of Louisville. She has worked for the Museum since 2010, traveling, demonstrating, and sharing her love of glass with the world.

“This is certainly a center for knowledge and inspiration,” said Tegeler, who participated in a residency at The Studio in 2015. As a glass artist, Tegeler considers the Museum to be a community hub to grow as a glassmaker.