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Biography: Igor Balbi

Igor Balbi
Igor Balbi

Colorful, delicate goblets with stems that sometimes look like candy clutter the Murano workshop of Igor Balbi. Using soda lime glass, Balbi makes flower-like goblets using flameworking techniques and a mini blowpipe. After more than 20 years of study and experimentation, Balbi has developed his own personal flameworking technique which has allowed him to achieve innovative colors and tactile effects. “The properties and functional characteristics of glass attract me to this material,” says Balbi. “I am able to unite colors and achieve effects with glass that chemically and technically seem incompatible.”

Born in Murano to a family of well-know flameworkers, Balbi committed himself to the family legacy by the age of 19. He is currently the owner of Balbi Art Glass in Murano. He has collaborated with Vittorio Costantini, and exhibited his work with Lucio Bubacco, Simone Crestani, Davide Salvadore, and others.