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Biography: Ingalena Klenell

Ingalena Klenell - Photo Credit D. Nilsson
Ingalena Klenell

Swedish artist Ingalena Klenell has been working with glass since 1976. Her work explores the ideas of fragility and vulnerability, both in the material of glass and in life itself. Klenell sees glass as a way of investigating the limits of techniques and of her own skill and creativity, and of creating ways to transcend those limits. She uses several different techniques to create primarily sculptural works.

Klenell, who currently operates Edsbjorke Studio in Sweden with her husband, has been represented in exhibitions across Europe, and in the United States. In 2010, she collaborated with artist Beth Lipman to create the installation, Glimmering Gone, at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Wash. The installation used landscape and artifacts to investigate our connection with nature and memory.

In her May 2012 Residency at The Studio, Klenell worked on a project called Travelers. The project is based on the history of cultural exchange in trade relations between Venice and Egypt, inspired by a collection of glass shards found in Egypt that date from 1100 A.D. to 1400 A.D.