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Biography: Iwao Matsushima

Iwao Matsushima

Iwao Matsushima is a lecturer at the Toyama City Institute of Glass Art and a faculty member at Okayama University, both in Japan. He taught himself the ancient art of core forming, and his work has been exhibited in museums and shows worldwide. His demonstration at the Glass Art Society conference and his subsequent course at The Studio in the summer of 2001 were very popular.

Although traditional core-formed glass is at the basis of Matsushima’s work, he added significantly to the ancient technique; not merely imitating the ancient art, but refining and expanding it. Given the small size and fragility of his vessels, Matsushima does not sign them. His signature is on the elegant wooden boxes custom made for every piece, and it is on the metal that supports some of the vessels. Except when he intentionally and faithfully reproduces ancient pieces, his core-formed pieces are easily recognizable as his. Among Matsushima’s many contributions to this art form are painting with glass canes, the relief patterns, the wavy pattern and the special use of the glass beads.