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Biography: Jeff Ballard

Jeff Ballard (Photo by Nadania Idriss)
Jeff Ballard

An artist, teacher, and professional gaffer, Jeff Ballard has been working with glass for nearly 20 years, developing a diverse set of skills. Initially drawn to the challenge of creating and designing intricately-patterned, decorative glass objects, Ballard's interests have evolved into what is now a mixed media sculpture practice. Ballard uses blown and sculpted glass in his assemblages often replicating objects with realistic detail. He has been an instructor at the Glass Furnace in Turkey, the Royal Danish Academy in Bornholm, and Berlin Glas as well as several universities and glass schools throughout the US. Ballard has exhibited worldwide in Finland, Singapore, South Korea, Berlin, Denmark, and Turkey and has produced works for several established artists including Mona Hatoum, Nari Ward, Klaus Moje, Nancy Cohen and Anne Wahlström.