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Biography: Jeffrey Stenbom

Jeffrey Stenbom
Jeffrey Stenbom

Jeffrey Stenbom sees his art as a form of escapism. Shaped by his experiences in the military, Stenbom uses his art as a medium for interpreting his thoughts and memories. He studied sculpture during college in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but joined the U.S. Army one week after September 11, 2001. After returning from Iraq, Stenbom found his way back to art, and discovered the medium of glass.

“I feel art is not meant to fix problems, but to make others aware that they exist,” said Stenbom, who says his interest in sculpture stems from his experience as a soldier. “This awareness may lead to change, or at the very least, comfort and understanding through conversation. Art has changed my life by giving me focus and helping me begin to heal from those life-changing experiences.”

Stenbom received his MFA in Studio Art, Glass/Sculpture from Tulane University in New Orleans in 2015. His work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions throughout the United States, and he has taught and assisted with workshops at museums and art centers, including The Studio. He currently lives in Apple Valley, Minn.

During his 2016 residency, he explored the creation of powerful and impactful artwork using symbolism and iconography through kiln-form techniques in glass.