Biography: Jen Kuhn

Jen Kuhn during a flameworking demonstration
Jen Kuhn
Former Demonstrator/Narrator

After spending decades working with children and animals, Jen Kuhn became dedicated to glassmaking after taking a beadmaking class at The Studio. Once Kuhn was introduced to borosilicate glass to create figures, her style became simpler and more expressive as small details could create recognizable features. “I love making breeds of dogs because people relate so easily to them. I want them to remember their own dogs, and how funny or naughty they are,” said Kuhn. “I just want people to walk away feeling like they can love and ‘get’ art too, no matter what their background is.”

Kuhn started making glass in 2009. She took a class at The Studio with Caitlin Hyde and Heather Trimlett, before building a small studio in her home where she still makes production work. Her work has been influenced greatly by Hyde, both through taking her classes as well as working alongside her as part of the Properties of Glass team at the Museum. From 2013 to 2020, Kuhn was a Properties of Glass demonstrator, giving demonstrations in flameworking, glass breaking, and optical fiber.


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