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Biography: Jo Newman

Jo Newman

Jo Newman graduated from West Surrey College of Art & Design in 1985 and after spending a short time working in a small glass studio in Stroud, began a career in Higher Education. She now works full time in her studio at the Ruskin Glass Centre in Stourbridge where she makes her own work and teaches short courses in kiln formed glass techniques.

Newman’s drawings and prints are the starting point for compositions in glass which bring together individual fused and cast glass elements consisting of line, color, shape and fine expressive calligraphic brush strokes.

Working with layers of fine colored-glass powders, Newman builds up subtle glass surfaces that are enhanced by the inherent luminosity of the glass. Her recent series of drawings and prints aims to capture the rhythm and spirit of a landscape, or the fragility of a feather. This has led her to a fresh approach to working with glass, which is more spontaneous, and less constrained by lengthy glassmaking processes.