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Biography: Joanne Teasdale

Joanne Teasdale
Joanne Teasdale

Joanne Teasdale is a multimedia artist who explores the human condition and flows between photography, oil painting, and fused glass. She bases her practice on the knowledge that, “An energy circulates between the three mediums that I use, and they influence each other. When I work with the camera, I am partly shaping what will be created with glass and when I work with glass, I often consider how I will use the camera. This interrelation also includes my paintings: an atmosphere in a glass piece will find its way to the canvas and a painting concept will be transferred to the other mediums.” She has exhibited her work nationally in galleries and museums, including Bullseye Gallery and the New Mexico Museum of Art, and has taught in various glass schools, including Pilchuck and Weisser Glass. Teasdale is now working on a large project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.