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Biography: Joseph Cavalieri

Man with close-cropped gray hair and glasses wearing a blue plaid shirt is holding a wood frame with a red print in it.
Joseph Cavalieri

Joseph Cavalieri’s work taps into the natural associations we have with stained glass and then flips them on their head. He specializes in contemporary stained glass, often based on fables and books, as well as the production of these works using techniques that include hand painting, airbrushing, and sandblasting. Although he uses traditional techniques to make stained glass, Cavalieri updates the stories illustrated in the work to include characters from contemporary pop culture.

Along with running CAVAglass, a stained glass design and production studio in New York City, Cavalieri presents lectures on his work and advice for artists. He has collaborated with illustrator R. Crumb, and has represented UrbanGlass at SOFA. His teaching credentials include over 30 workshops in the United States, South America, and Europe, including The Studio, Berlin Glas, and Pilchuck Glass School. He has been invited to 17 art residencies across the world, including the Open Studio Program at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. His work can be seen in American museum collections including the Museum of Arts and Design, the Italian American Museum, the Leslie-Lohman Museum, and the Stax Museum.