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Biography: Joy Munshower

Joy Munshower
Joy Munshower

Artist Joy Munshower spent most of her early career as a professional sculptor making and selling her bronze wildlife sculptures. Then, after 20 years in the construction and interior design industry, Munshower rediscovered her passion for wildlife. But rather than using bronze, she became captivated with glass — specifically flameworking. “I find the process of melting and shaping glass, and then tooling it and coaxing it into shape mesmerizing,” she says. Her sculpted glass beads depict horses, marine animals, exotic birds, and other wildlife and are exquisitely detailed. Munshower says, “Now I am addicted to the vivid colors and subtle textures of glass.”

Munshower studied ceramic studio practices at San Jose State University and earned her graduate degree in sculpture from California State University at Fresno. Her work has been featured in many publications including The Flow and GlassLine Magazine. She teaches workshops around the country in low-relief, or bas-relief, sculpting which allows her to layer bones, muscles, feathers or fur to create realistic animal medallions.