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Biography: Justin Ginsberg

Justin Ginsberg
Justin Ginsberg

With a material as fragile and unpredictable as glass, artists need to be flexible—and it’s exactly that flexibility that intrigues Justin Ginsberg. A visual artist, Ginsberg investigates the “unusual properties” of glass, and its “extraordinary ability to flex and bend when made very thin.” His work exploits the aesthetic qualities of the material while investigating new ways to think about glass as sculpture. Ginsberg earned an MFA in Glass from the University of Texas at Arlington, where he now teaches.

During his residency at The Studio, he explored how polarized film and light can assist in revealing hidden stresses in glass, which appear as color, light distortions, and patterns. “Rather than viewing the stress as a negative attribute in the material, I will begin to use this property as means to explore new works,” he says, “gaining further understanding of this hidden visual language.” For Ginsberg, glass is all about pushing the limits. “I challenge the perceived boundaries of material and the presumed nature of things,” he says, “often relying on metaphor and gesture, to express my interest into my own fragile existence.”