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Biography: Katie Hubbs

Katie Hubbs
Katie Hubbs

In working with glass, Katie Hubbs has found both a venue for endless exploration and a seemingly perpetual ability to transform, much like many natural environments and those who live within them. Her work often relates to the process of change found in nature, expressing important ideas on both a personal and global level. Often using nature as a reflection of humanistic qualities, she uses these forms to create a narration within the self and to encourage analyzation. “Glass always keeps me guessing,” Hubbs says, “I am drawn to the challenge within the progression of the material, which no other medium has. It speaks for itself.” While using glass to express themes on the act of transformation itself, Hubbs uses the metamorphosis of the material to grow and transform personally.

Hubbs began her pursuit of the arts at Emporia State University in Kansas, initially through an Engraving Arts degree, however later changing to Glass Forming. Since then she has worked as an artist assistant, glass production team member, and instructor at Monarch Glass Studio in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, and traveled to Garden City Glassworks in Alaska to help further her exploration of the medium.

Currently she lives in Corning, N.Y., and is a member of the Hot Glass Team at The Corning Museum of Glass. She has worked with numerous artists both as a student and at the Museum. “The Museum is an educational institution not only for visitors but for the glassmakers that live within its community. It’s a wonderful place to thrive.”