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Biography: Laura Donefer

Laura Donefer
Laura Donefer

Laura Donefer distinguishes her work in two parts based on her emotional inspirations: the happy, beautiful baskets that make people smile, and her “darker work” which has pulled from themes of assault and depression. As an artist, she finds inspiration for her eccentric work in everyday locations. “I wake up in the morning where I live, and I walk outside and look at all of my plants—massively inspiring. I put out the garbage, I look at the garbage—massively inspiring,” said Donefer. “Wherever I travel, the colors, the people, and the textures—sometimes I’m overloaded with inspiration.” Using glass as her primary medium for more than 30 years, she combines it with diverse materials to create unique movement and shapes throughout her pieces.

Donefer was trained as a glass artist at Sheridan College School of Craft and Design. Later, she taught at Sheridan, in addition to Espace Verre in Montreal. Donefer has also spent many years teaching at Pilchuck, Penland, The Studio, Red Deer, and conducts many workshops in schools internationally. Her work has been exhibited at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art in Japan; Museo de Vidrio in Mexico; the Museum of Fine Art in Montreal; the Museum of Art and Design in New York; and the Museum of Fine Art in Quebec City, Canada. She is an organizer of the notoriously unique Glass Fashion Shows and has participated as an instructor for Expanding Horizons, a week-long program at The Studio for the top students in at-risk glass art programs around the United States.

In her September 2012 Instructor Collaborative Residency at The Studio, Donefer worked with Jeff Mack to imitate classic vessel shapes in the Museum’s collection, adding eclectic “Doneferian” twists, loading them with texture and pattern.