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Biography: Lieve Van Stappen

Lieve Van Stappen

In her work as an artist, Lieve Van Stappen makes use of many stunningly different materials to produce her layered and multi-faceted artistic creations. In these, the materials chosen are used specifically to further the purpose of her artistic message. Van Stappen’s message speaks to the seeming inevitable duality of human existence, swung back and forth between cruelty and vulnerability, uncompromising strength and fragility, abomination and beauty, the solid and the fluid, parent and child, war and peace … The work of Van Stappen fits in the Belgian tradition where surrealism is simply too strong a word for human subtle yet anarchistic desire to cope with existential duality. This duality ensures that humans succeed in surviving magnificently despite all shortcomings. It is found in Van Stappen’s works. Lieve Van Stappen searches for the most hidden and the most vulnerable in humans: the persistent fragility of bare existence.

Lieve Van Stappen was born in Wilrijk, Belgium in 1958. She lives and works in Ghent, Belgium.