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Biography: Manuela Milan

Manuela Milan
Manuela Milan

Manuela Milan was born in Venice in 1964, and her passion for glass is very deeply rooted. She had the good fortune to grow-up and live in the most famous city for the production of artistic glass, and is surrounded by a world where this material is everywhere. This magical atmosphere helps foster imagination and ideas, but also creates a cultural and collective identity. Since childhood, Milan attended the studio of a master glassmaker and friend of her family, Marco Fasolato, where she started to learn the techniques that she now uses.

In 1988, Milan opened her first workshop in Venice, where she continues to make her glass creations. Milan’s entrepreneurial and artistic path has been enhanced over the years by new experiences, collaborations and meetings. Her creations satisfy the requirements of a demanding market, with ideas and proposals that arouse interest. Currently, she expresses all her know-how, the spirit of inquiry, and love for manual ability, working with her husband in the direction of the family company, the Alfier Glasstudio.