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Biography: Mariken Dumon

Mariken Dumon
Mariken Dumon

Mariken Dumon has long been fascinated by glass—from the shaping of the material in its hot, liquid state, to the unlimited qualities and possibilities that working with glass provides. With more than a decade of glassmaking experience, Dumon is convinced there are unexplored facets in the process. The goal of her residency at The Studio is to discover some of them.

Dumon is calling her residency project “embodied knowledge of glassmaking.” For Dumon, this means making the interaction between the human body and the glass in its molten state central to the process—exploring “glass as bodily art.”

“Thinking, reflecting, and experimenting in the making process become crucial,” she said. “Through developing skills in non-traditional ways, new and contemporary outcomes become possible.” While at The Studio, Dumon investigated methods that speak to the serendipity of glassmaking.

A Belgian artist, Dumon has a masters in visual arts from Sint-Lucas Visual Arts in Ghent, Belgium, and studied glassblowing at Kosta Glass School in Sweden.