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Biography: Marina Hanser

Marina Hanser
Marina Hanser

Marina Hanser’s work explores ideas of revealing and concealing, deconstruction and reconstruction, and states of transition. Inspired by notions of loss, transformation and remembrance, Hanser uses cloth as a metaphor because of its ability to make things appear and disappear, and to suggest wounds, healing and transformation.

Hanser lives and works in Canberra, Australia. She received her Bachelor of Visual Arts with a specialization in glass from the School of Art at the Australian National University in 2014. She has spent time working and teaching at Pilchuck, and held a residency at Canberra Glassworks. Her work has been presented in exhibitions around the world.

In her studio, she combines traditional and non-traditional kiln casting, coldworking and pâte de verre techniques, translating the ideas of wounding and healing by filling carved voids with a paste of finely ground glass and using heat to restore the surface. She also creates a layer of clear glass, representing skin over a wound to reveal what lies hidden within.

“I believe glass is the ideal material to represent sensitive topics such as loss, grief, and remembrance,” said Hanser. “I love that glass is fragile; it speaks eloquently to the fragility of its own existence, similar to a human’s fragility. Glass can be mended or healed through the use of heat.”

In March and April 2017, Hanser held a residency at The Studio, during which time she focused on expanding her body of work and research, drawing influence from medical imagery, scientific and emotional concepts, material investigations, and her own personal experience with grief and loss.