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Biography: Mark Peiser

Mark Peiser
Mark Peiser

Mark Peiser saw himself in many roles before turning to glass: a designer and architectural model maker, a pianist, and a builder of harpsichords among other things. But when none of those provided the fulfillment he craved, it was a series of unforeseen coincidences that eventually led him to Penland School of Crafts in 1967, and a career with glass. Now, more than a half century later, his name is synonymous with invention and precision. “Perfection is always a goal, but also a moving target,” said Peiser. “I never think of achieving perfection—since I’ve never made a perfect piece—but I do demand a level of quality in my work.”

As an American Studio Glass pioneer, Peiser’s inventive and methodical use of glass has led to the development of countless new formulas, with each new project demanding a new and creative way of thinking. This approach to glass is radical as Peiser has literally invented new glasses in order to pursue an idea through to creation. In 2009, he created a special glass formulation by melting opal glasses for his Palomar series of sculptures that pay homage to Corning Glass Works' famous 200-inch Disk, the telescope mirror cast in 1934 for the Mt. Palomar Observatory in California.

Peiser is included in collections across the U.S., as well as internationally in Europe, China, and Japan. He was selected to be a Specialty Glass Resident in 2019, a joint program offered by Corning Museum of Glass and Corning Incorporated.