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Biography: Márta Edöcs

Márta Edöcs
Márta Edöcs

As a child growing up in Hungary, Márta Edöcs collected glass beads and used them to make her own jewelry. As an adult making her own glass beads, as well as plates and other objects, Edöcs finds joy and playfulness in shapes, surfaces, colors, and transparency. Edöcs practices flameworking to make her beads and then combines them with silver to create eye-catching jewelry and other objects. She often coldworks her beads and plates to add textures. For her silverwork, Edöcs incorporates techniques such as carving, modeling, firing, sanding, and polishing.

Edöcs teaches workshops around the world on kiln glass, beadmaking, and silver jewelry techniques. She has worked and studied with glass artists Kristina Logan, Giles Bettison, and Rudi Gritsch; and has been a teaching assistant for Logan’s classes at The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass. Her latest jewelry series, Floral, is inspired by nature and each piece is a wearable art object.