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Biography: Mary B. Shepard

Mary B. Shepard

Dr. Mary B. Shepard intends to use her portion of the Rakow Grant to complete the writing of a vol­ume on the stained glass windows of the late-medieval parish church of St. Michael le Belfrey, which she is co-authoring with Lisa Reilly, University of Vir­ginia. The book will be published by Corpus Vit­rearum Medii Aevi under the auspices of the in­ternational research project's British Committee. It will discuss the last program of stained glass created in the city of York before Henry VIII broke with Rome, beginning in 1532.

"Little work has been done on English glass from this period," she says. "In addition to fully cataloguing this stained glass, this study will fur­ther our understanding of lay patronage and devo­tion at this critical juncture in English history."

Dr. Shepard's study will publish the windows in color, together with conservation diagrams; review their iconography, condition, and conservation/ restoration history; provide a history of the glazing and its relationship to the church's architecture; examine restoration/conservation campaigns from the early 18th century to the 1960s; and discuss the prevailing styles evident in the windows — ­especially the unusual 16th-century nave glass.

Dr. Shepard holds a Ph.D. in the history of art and medieval art from Columbia University.